The department is fully digital and it offers a hands in approach to computer studies. Our aim is to prepare the students for proffetional courses at the university and middle level colleges. Our lab is well equiped with the modern computers and our students like spending most of there time in the laboratory doing research and working out questions.

Most of our teachers are digital and there is an improved plan to improve our school and link all the departments into one so that they can be digital. With this website the teachers will be soon uploading the assinments and notes to the website so that the students and the teachers can be able to access them easily. 


The department is fully digital and offers a hands-on approach to Computer studies. The aim is to prepare students for professional courses at the university and mid-level colleges.

We have the best computer lab in Kenya if not the whole world. Our students enjoy spending time in the computer lab doing personal studies and research through the internet and the available e-learning materials.

We are proud to say our teachers are the most digital in the country, since both timetabling, scheming and Examination analysis is fully computerized. Our goal is to eventually computerize all the departments in the school.

With this website which is a great milestone in the quest for modernization, our teachers will soon be uploading assignments and notes online for the students to access at their own convenience. This will improve both efficiency and academic performance in the long run.                                                                        

The school has rolled out Wi-Fi and LAN laboratory that is easily accessed by students, teachers and the support staff. This is a sure way of improving the IT skills that are so much sought after in our country and the world over. It also provides opportu­nities for students and teachers seeking to do research.

E-Learning lessons ensures both teachers and students can interact in the various subjects and at the same time have abundant resource materials at their disposal.

 We thank the Administration for their support towards making our school one of the best in the IT





To be an institution of excellence in turning out form four graduates with an all round quality


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